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boccalino thusis

The restaurant „Boccalino“ in Thusis was opened on 1st of april 2019. They needed visual communication. The visual communication. Something to stand out from the other restaurants and pizzerias in the area. I created something interesting, but quite light. something you keep in mind, but don’t think about every day. They wanted to be recognized, and not trapped in minds.

corporate design

Not only the logo matters. The harmony in between business cards, colors, logo and every single other detail, is what gives the real, Italian touch.


The compositions of the images, that I took are really similar. If someone sees a picture on Instagram or else, they’d know, that it’s from boccalino.


The website is where 90% of the costumers inform themselves, before they even think about visiting boccalino. That’s why it must catch the eye instantly.