EDEN - Zurich Film Festival

I won a contest the first time in my life. The viewers award of the ZFF72 2019 is ours! With an amazing team of nine unbelievable members we managed to rock the stage. My main two rolls were Director of photography and editing. It was the biggest challenge I ever faced, but I’ll never regret it.

how it happend

I was chilling at home just a few days before it started. A good Friend called me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the most amazing thing they’re about to do. I thought about it and finally I said yes. If I only knew, that the three days were about to become my worst nightmare and suddenly my biggest dream.


The angles, the perspectives, the tricks I learned from previous productions;
all this combined can give you the look you need. I really have to say, that I LOVE the resoult


We edited from 10 am to 4am the next day. It was horrible but it came out quite good. I’d never thought, that I could have the chance to participate on such a nice adventure.