happy people don't know the truth

For me, this was a masterpiece. I finally could show the world, how I really feel every single day. It was a really personal and emotional production for me. It took almost three months for me to write the vioce-over and I just don’t regret it. It was an amazing experience after all.


Not only the voice-overs have to be written. The administration behind the entire production such as, location scouting, storyboarding, scripting, finding the perfect actress and helpers. That’s not that easy, if you don’t even know if the film is going to come out right.


The angles, the perspectives, the tricks I learned from previous productions;
all this combined can give you the look you need. I really have to say, that I LOVE the resoult


The edit was quite easy, but matching my recorded, crappy voice to the shots I had was incredible hard. First I thought I didn’t have enough material, then I had too much and then, somehow I had the perfect cut. That’s just a trial and error.