the story how i started making film

hey dear readers! in this post i want to explain how and why i started with film:

year 2012 (nine y.o)

as you know, i’m portuguese. i really liked the youtuber miguel luz. i started copying my favourite videos of his without any expirience with filmmaking or so ever. i started with this video:


i couldn’t handle any editing software, so i sneaked my finger behind ma dads camcorder and stopped the recording.

year 2013 (ten y.o)

i finally discovered windows movie maker. i know, i know… that was actually the time i thought, comic sans was nice… ough… and papyrus too… yack.. whatever…

year 2015 (twelve y.o)

i finally bought my first camera! a nikon d5100!

i felt so nice! then i thought:

if i have a 400 swiss francs camera, without lighting or good audio. i have to be a filmmaker! i need a website!

then i made my biggest mistake… i made a website with jimdo… oooh dear lord how dumb have i been…

then i changed to wix… not ideal, but better.

and thats how i created my „company“ maribe studios. that was actually on july 4th 2014… but it doesn’t matter.

year 2016 (thirteen y.o)

i finally became a man and changed to wordpress! that time i bought my rode ntg-3. i felt do nice that time…

but i continued buying (letting my parents buy) things i could use sometime and boom. it’s now.

year 2018 (fifteen y.o)

now i’m a „good“ filmmaker and webdesigner (for my age) and have a equipment of round about fifty million swiss francs!

chill.. it’s a joke… do you really think i would tell y’all how much i (my parents) spent on me?!

look.. i tell you what i have in my basement:

a sony pxw-z150, a nikon d3300, a nikon d5600, a dji phantom 4, a dji phantom 4pro obsidian, two hama reflectors, three softboxes, a led panel from which i don’t know the company, a rode ntg-3, a rode videomic pro, a shure blx 24 e, a editing pc, a rendering pc and so on…

yeah.. now i think you know enough from me😉.

and now wait ‚till the next post.

filmmaker, photographer, designer, actor & musician.