why maribe.ch won’t last forever

hey kind readers!

how are you all doing?

i wanted to explain something, or like we swiss people like to say „clean something off the table“.

my hobby-company „maribe.ch“ is getting closer to the end. and that’s nice!

maribe is known as a four-man-company (me and three more friends). now i’m in the apprenticeship as a media designer and i can’t wait to be a fully professional worker! as many of you know, i want to be a self-employed designer and filmmaker. to accomplish this i want to re-name „maribe.ch“ to „ribeiro communications“ as a first step. if you’re asking yourself, why i’m changing my name, you should know; here in switzerland it’s cheaper to begin as a „self-employer“ and not start with a „AG“ (joint-stock company) or a „GmbH“ (company with limited liability). As a „Einzelunternehmer“ (individual entrepreneur) you won’t need a capital to start your company. but you’ll need to put your last name in the company’s name.

so… that’s why i’m changing from maribe.ch to ribeiro communications some day. (this day is not that far as it seems).


that’s all. thanks y’all for reading 😉

filmmaker, photographer, designer, actor & musician.